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Three Media Trends

1) Towards Community and Connection. The ownership of the "transmitter" - the stick - is not as important as the content and its "package". The people who own the "transmitter" (radio or TV station) no longer control what people see or hear. They no longer control "community" (the last time the nation all watched the same "program" was on 9/11). Media companies are trying to get "bigger" so they can bring back the past when they could control what people saw or heard. It's not going to happen. MTV used to provide some community for teens. Now, My Space is a symptom of the change.

2. Towards Convenience and Control. If you aren't staying awake at night trying to give these 2 items to the consumer, the wave will crush you. Microsoft doesn't get it. They want to limit consumers. They act like the old-line transmitter owners in the Trend #1. Apple gets it. iPod and iTunes did it better than anyone. Tivo is another example. Amazon lets you shop at 3am. And, like a virtual sales clerk, even suggests what you might buy.

3. Towards Context. Make sense of things. In a billion bit Google world, people want someone to give meaning. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity "context" the world for Conservatives. Maureen Dowd, Al Franken and Michael Moore do it for Liberals. Eminem for angry, smart, young people. Fundamentalist religions around the world are tapping into this need. In the fight to control context, the blogs have a growing role (for good or for bad).