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How We Help


...For Change.

Something isn't working any more. Customers don't respond the way they used to. A new competitor has fractured the business model. The old way of doing things isn't producing the same results.

What's next? What are the trends? What's around the corner that might help or hurt? Business is starting to drag and it's not clear why. Anticipate what the competition might do and get there before them.


...For The Customer.

Figure them out. What do they want? Research them. Use the smartest research tools. What are their needs, hopes, wants and fears? Identify the different types of customers. Select those who are most likely to benefit the business.

Reach them. Impact them with the best product, the most effective marketing, and the right brand strategy. Capture their loyalty.

Keep them. Retain the customer. Use feedback research. Focus on their evolving needs. Anticipate what's next. Give it to the customer.


...For Strategy.

Planning. "Plans never work. Planning is invaluable." We agree with Winston Churchill. Work with the client's team to outline tactics, create timelines and anticipate competitive response. Be flexible. Focus.

Stay focused on the customer. Keep working to improve the customer experience, especially when you are already successful. Innovate. Brainstorm.

Understand the brand. Know the brand promise, the brand deeds and the brand emotion. Focus marketing to support and enhance the brand experience.


Viacom (VH1) -- Cable Television

The problem: A cable channel that had outgrown its original purpose and couldn't find an effective new focus. Hundreds of millions of dollars were at risk.

Joint Communications contribution included:

> Figure out the customer. Working with VH1's research team, we designed a national research study of cable homes, determined which viewers were most likely to form a core audience and what would appeal to them.

Build "filters". Working with VH1's President and creative team, we designed "strategic decision filters" for all programming and marketing. These filters were used as guidelines by the many producers who wanted to create programs for VH1. They were so effective that VH1 had a "hit" within 60 days.

> Strategy and consultation. For three years, Joint Communications continued to act as a research and strategic resource while revenues soared close to $400 million.

Molson -- Beer

The problem: Generation X wasn't behaving the way the Boomers behaved when it came to beer. With a heavy focus on sports, Molsons wondered whether it should shift focus.

Joint Communications contribution included:

> Figure out the customer. Working with Molsons' research team, we designed several research studies around beer, sports and entertainment, generating a paradigm shift within Molsons management. The "new" customer was different.

> Strategy and consultation. For two years, Joint Communications worked with Molsons' management to change the sports focus (more playoffs, less play-by-play) and build an entertainment focus (including an innovative "brand deeds" strategy). The brand rebounded. The new focus created a foundation for the most successful marketing campaign in their history.


Bonneville (WDRV The Drive) -- Radio

The problem: Bonneville International had spent over $150 million on a radio station in Chicago and had to find a format "hole" that would help them capitalize on their investment. Conventional wisdom said that there were no "holes" left.

Joint Communications contribution included:

> Find the "hole". We designed research studies using advanced segmentation techniques which allowed us to map the "demand" side of the Chicago radio market and find a significant opportunity which has generated over $100 million in revenue to date.

> Strategy and Creative Ideation. Working with management, we helped shape the format and researched the marketing. For five years, we helped with evolution through deep customer understanding which included focus groups and Creative Ideation sessions.

Speeches and Seminars

John Parikhal has given hundreds of speeches and seminars to clients ranging from consumer giants such as Pepsi and Wendy's to industry organizations such as the National Association of Broadcasters and the American Marketing Association.

Topics often focus on Trends, How to Deal with Change, Marketing, and Understanding Customer Motivation and Behavior.

Recent speeches and seminars include: Marketing On No Money; Seven Transformational Trends and How You Can Profit From Them and; Surfing Your Future -- Surviving The Big Wave.

All work is customized for the client based on telephone or in person consultation.


Custom Research

For 30 years, we have been innovators in customer and brand research, conducting over 1000 research projects. We have helped media companies on 4 continents (NBC, ABC, CBS, Viacom, Rolling Stone, Caracol), "retailers" (Peoples Bank, Molsons, Tweeter/Sound Advice), and even smaller clients such as Private Schools.

In addition to basic research tools such as cross-tabulations and focus groups, we have strong experience in Customer Segmentation, and Metaphor based customer ideation sessions.

We are delighted to work with the in-house research teams of our clients when possible. Our "outside" perspective is usually nicely complemented by their "inside" perspective.



We help with strategy, focus and insight. For many of our clients, we act as an outside sounding board -- sometimes a contrarian voice when one is needed. Our "futurism" is highly regarded.



During the past 30 years, we have created a number of "products" for clients. Some of these include:

For NBC radio "Coping With", a network feature that ran for five years in the US and 8 years overseas. Ninety seconds on coping with everything from depression to a better sex life.

For NBC television "Friday Night Videos", a breakthrough TV series that doubled the ratings in its time slot within three weeks. (created with partner John McGhan).

For Rolling Stone Magazine "The Continuous History of Rock and Roll", a daily/weekly radio feature that ran nationally for 2 years.

In addition, John Parikhal authored "The Baby Boom", the largest study ever done of Boomers turning 40. Today, as they get ready to turn 60, this book reads as if it were just written. The insight is valid almost 20 years later.