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What Women Want -- a collaborative national study with Arbitron measuring radio demands

What Men Want -- Find out what Canadian men want today

Highlights from What Women Want



Joint Communications was formed in 1977 as a consulting and research company that specialized in media and consumer trends. We began by focusing on radio and quickly branched out into television and magazines.

Before long, we had attracted an exciting group of clients who were interested in figuring out how to tap into new trends, particularly The Baby Boom. They wanted to understand this massive new consumer base and provide products they wanted – particularly entertainment products. We were glad to help.

Our clients included Rolling Stone Magazine, all 3 major networks (ABC, NBC and CBS), Viacom (MTV), consumer goods (S.C. Johnson, Molsons), recording stars (Bryan Adams among others) and many more. We conducted hundreds of market research studies and strategic plans, focusing on what the customer wanted and how to give it to them. We created radio shows and television shows. Our CEO, John Parikhal, even wrote a book titled The Baby Boom.

As our business evolved, our trend spotting and format focus moved well beyond Boomers into Generation X, emerging Hispanic opportunities, African-Americans and then to the Internet. We continued to apply smart research, high order creativity and a healthy dose of contrarian thinking to everything we did.

We helped Viacom re-invent VH1, re-formatted hundreds of radio stations to take advantage of fragmentation (in the US as well as Canada, Europe, South America and Australia), worked with banks, retail electronics, beer companies and others who wanted to understand their customer better.

We have been influenced by management guru Peter Drucker’s view about the companies of the future – particularly his idea of Organizations of Associations. It allowed us to provide a higher level of service and quality at a more efficient cost. And, it allowed us to jump right into the Digital Revolution by identifying and partnering with the strongest talent in the field.

Today, nearly 30 years after we began, we still keep our focus on “what’s next”. We identify opportunity in change – whether it’s generational (Boomers and others), ethnic (opportunities in Hispanic, Black and immigrant needs), technological (the Internet in all its flavors), or cultural (religious and other shifts). We continue to research, consult and create, working closely with our global team of top notch associates.

Our focus is trends, media and strategy.


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